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My Smart Equipment
My Smart Equipment

Smart Connected Chiller Dashboard

We help make
your life a little easier.

We know there are a lot of complexities to your day. So make sure you’re taking advantage of all the benefits that can help make it easier. With Smart Connected Chillers, and a planned service agreement, we can help you address your operational priorities.

  • Reduce Risk
    We can help you avoid some emergencies.
  • Reduce Cost
    We can reduce the unplanned costs that seem to always escalate during emergency service calls.
  • Save Time
    We can slash the time it takes to identify and resolve chiller problems.
  • Improve Your Life
    We can try to get you home a little earlier, a little more often.

Just think of us as another member of your team.

Should you opt in to our Smart Connected Chiller Dashboard, technicians can access real-time operational trends via smartphone, tablet or PC. This allows them to analyze tough issues, identify deteriorating conditions and respond with a higher level of service expertise that you can only receive from Johnson Controls. Additionally, alarms are monitored 24/7 by the Remote Operations Center, who then alerts the local service branch that there’s a pressing issue.

In case you’re not familiar with our Smart Chiller technology, allow us to revolutionize the way you run your facility. Johnson Controls is leveraging our unmatched expertise in chillers, technology and hands-on service delivery to find new ways to manage your chiller performance. It’s all based on real-time information that allows you to proactively maintain its optimal performance and save you both time and money.